Happy Humpday

How's everyone doing? Enjoying all the happy? There's certainly plenty of it around here right now.

I've no intention of closing the fest until the middle of next week at the earliest, so if you want to work on something epic, keep going! But I thought we could all do with a mid-week booster.

To that end, I've put three drabbles on page 3 of comments (links below) as starters for three drabble trees. The rules for this are quite simple:

~ Read the drabbles marked "DRABBLE TREE"
~ Pick a prompt from the happy!prompt list
~ Use a phrase from one of the drabble tree drabbles to write a new drabble to your chosen prompt
~ Post your drabble as a reply with the subject line: DRABBLE TREE. Fandom; Character(s); Prompt (rating)

You don't have to use the last phrase of the previous drabble, and you don't have to use the phrase as the start of your drabble. You do have to use a happy!prompt and your drabble should be 100 words long because your Mod is a purist. Also, because someone's bound to ask, I'm happy for drabble trees to branch out in all different directions, so you don't have to take the phrase from the last drabble on the tree. Choose whatever one works best for you.

If you want to comment on a drabble, go ahead, but please leave your subject line empty so that when comments get compressed, people know what's a new drabble for the tree and what's a happy comment.

Okay? Then away we go!

DRABBLE TREE. Doctor Who; Donna; Laughter (G)

DRABBLE TREE. The Mentalist; Jane; Rumor (G)

DRABBLE TREE. NCIS; Abby; Pyjamas (G)

Happyfest is GO!


Yup, this is it, folks, the complete list of prompts for this year's Happyfest. The rules haven't changed from last year, the first of which is:


(there are notes about spoilers that I NEED you to read)

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Q: I'm still confused. Can I ask you another question?
A: Sure. Just put it in comments here, or send me a PM. Please don't put it on this post, as I'll probably turn notifications off to save my poor imploding inbox.


This year, I've put the list of fandoms in the LJ-cut text, so you can see if your fandom is here before clicking on a cut. Since I'm not familiar with all 190 fandoms, shockingly, I may have screwed up names here and there. If there are major problems, please PM me and I'll sort it out.

Otherwise, away we go!

A Song of Ice and Fire to Discworld

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Doctor Who to Heroes

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High School Musical to Star Trek

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Star Wars to Yughio

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And one more for luck:

Any Fandom ; deceased characters ; afterlife


I have more or less finished assembling the prompts post, so if the previous post was 'on your marks', this one is 'get set'.

Please download one of these banners (hotlinking=BAD) or icons and use it in your journal or any communities you own to promote the fest. These are little versions, but click through to see the full-size ones. The more people who take them and use them, the more chance that your prompt will get written. The Fest will open tomorrow morning (UK-Time) so now's your chance to get people on board.

HUGE GREAT BIG Thanks to the artists who made these. I can't tell you how much I appreciate it!

Fandom-netural banners and icons, by caersmane.

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A few more fandom neutral ones by thisfishflies

Collapse )

Fandom-specific banners for Merlin, Doctor Who and Firefly by awanderingbard. No Spoilers.

Collapse )

Three by donutsweeper, which could be fandom-neutral, but feature the second Doctor, Tony DiNozzo and Jack Harkness (picture is from Torchwood: Children of Earth, Spoilerphobes)

Collapse )

These banners take the form "[thing] gotcha you down? Bring the Happy =)" They have no plot spoilers as such, but there are vague references to the end of Supernatural S4, Torchwood Children of Earth and the last 2 episodes of Stargate: Atlantis, so please bear that in mind before clicking. They are all by thisfishflies

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Nobody Panic

I've shut down comments on the Prompt Post, just in case you were wondering where they all went. The next 24 hours will be spent trying not to panic compling prompts and getting everything ready for you guys to write, so keep watching this space!

Nearly 200 fandoms, nearly 800 prompts.

Wow, guys.

Quick shiny post

Soon, I will have a shiny graphics post for everyone to come and steal from, but not hotlink, because we know hotlinking is bad, right? Right. Consider this icon a taster (and give any credit to caersmane)

In the meantime, thisfishflies is taking requests! Her first picture post is here, so please drop by and say what fandoms you'd like banners for. She's particularly looking for suggestions along the lines of "[canon thing] got you down? Bring the happy!" in fandoms that she doesn't know.

We've got an awesome number of prompts already, I have some fantastic art waiting for you, and I've been overwhelmed by everyone's enthusiasm and the generosity of some Mods in particular.

Thanks, folks, and keep those prompts coming in!

Happyfest III is open!

If anyone has/wants to make banners/icons/buttons to promote the comm, please leave me a link/PM me. Otherwise, without further ado:

Happyfest III

Open for prompts

Please assume that some prompts will be spoilerific for shows currently airing and shield your screen accordingly! If you really don't want to risk seeing anything, feel free to PM me your prompts instead.


1. ALL stories must have happy endings.
It doesn't have to involve puppies and kittens, but you should leave people smiling rather than sobbing.

2. ALL genres are welcome.
If you want to write happy-ending angst, that's fine. Fluff and crack are also welcome, as are action, whump, character studies, romances… you get the idea. This year, RPF is also welcome, but please be sure and label it accordingly in both prompts and fics.

3. ALL fandoms are welcome.
I'm going to get out there and advertise it as much as I can, but if you have a newsletter/fandom that you can reach for me, please let me know in comments.

4. ALL ratings are welcome.
We will be taking everything from the gentlest Gen to NC-17.

5. The Fest has 2 parts, the Prompt stage and the Writing stage.
Please read and follow the instructions in each case or the mod will look over her librarian glasses and tut at you, and no one wants that.

The main difference this year is that we'll be running in parallel on Dreamwidth and Livejournal. The prompt list will be a combined one (ie the same in both locations) but other than that, please play wherever you want to!

Instructions for Prompts:

1. Prompts open today, Friday 17th July 2009, and close Wednesday, 22nd July.

2. Comment to this post with a fandom, a character/characters/a team, and a prompt word. Please separate elements with a semi-colon.
Doctor Who; Donna; hat
SPN; Dean; blanket
SGA; Zelenka/Lorne; north
Torchwood; Team; jungle
NCIS; Gibbs and Tony; flower

Formatting it this way will save me all kinds of headaches, and my brain thanks you for your consideration.

3. You can leave up to ten prompts. Because I got kind of swamped last year, if you leave more than this, I will only copy and paste your first ten. Choose wisely! Please remember that if no one from your fandom knows about the fest, you're not going to get your prompt written. Spread the word!

4. Because someone's bound to ask, yes, you will be allowed to write your own prompt.

5. Sit back and wait or glance through other people's prompts and start thinking about what you'd like to write.

Instructions for Writing will follow on Wednesday, once I've had a chance to compile the list of prompts. But the aim will be to write comment fic, as much as possible, as happy as possible.

Please mention this fest anywhere and everywhere – the more, the happier!

If you've got problems or queries or offers of help, please PM me or leave a comment and I'll see what I can do.

Happiness postponed

Hi all,

When I said I'd open the Happyfest today, I hadn't taken into account the fact that I'd be on a First Aid course for 3 days and that I'd have an assessment tomorrow to revise for. This is harder work than it sounds, believe me.

Therefore I'm delaying the opening of the Happyfest until Friday, when I'll have more than 3 minutes in front of the computer in one go.

On the plus side, if anyone's making banners, for the comm or for people to use in their journals, you've got 2 more days to link me to them...

Happy fest 2009

Hello, everybody!

This is a note just to brush the cobwebs off the community and let everyone know that we're going to be opening again for happy!fic this summer. Due to modly commitments, we're going to run slightly earlier than last year, and the timetable has been fitted around two big cons running at the end of July - SDCC and Writercon. Accordingly, the schedule will run something like this:

15th-22nd July - Prompt submissions
22nd-2nd August - Modly panicking collation of prompts.
3rd August - Start submitting your stories!

Some things will be the same as last year:

~ The previous year's masterlist will be available just before we open again. One day I will become more efficient at these things. Today is not that day.
~ The fest will be open to all fandoms and all ratings.
~ Fic will be submitted as comments to the main fest entry.

And some things will be different:

~ The fest will run concurrently on Dreamwidth, at Bringthehappy. More on the logistics of this nearer the time.
~ I'm going to ask people to only submit 10 prompts each, so that my fingers don't fall off trying to compile the list.

Right now, I mostly know what I'm doing, or at least as much as I ever do, but I do need some help:

~ If you click the Dreamwidth link above, you'll see that it's sad and blank at the moment, not at all what we need for a happy fest. So if anyone can help me brighten it up, I'd be most grateful.
~ I'd also like some pretty banners for people to use to promote the community, but I don't think anyone wants to use anything I could make! So if any banner makers are able to chip in, let me know!

More as we get closer and I hope to see lots of happy fic from everyone at the start of August!

And we're done!

Right, I'm officially declaring the second Happy!fest closed!

Huge thanks to everyone who contributed, and I'll try to get the masterlist done by the end of the day. In the meantime, feel free to add comments to stories, but no more fics, please, unless you want a modly glare.

Nice work, people! There's enough happy here to keep us going for weeks!

Keep up the happy!

Another Monday and yet more happy! I hadn't decided when exactly we'd finish up this year's Happyfest, but since you're still all going strong, I've decided that we'll continue for another week before declaring the Happyfest concluded.

The official closing date will be Sunday 14th September across all timezones - as long as it's still the 14th where you are, you're fine to post. I'll put up the masterlist some time on Monday so that everyone can see just how happy we are!

There are still lots of unclaimed prompts here, and lots and lots of happy stories in comments.

Don't forget that you don't have to stick to the comment limit. And if you get carried away, just put a snippet in comments and link to the rest in your own journal. It'd be great to get some long happy stories as well as little ones.

So keep writing, keep promoting it to your flists and keep up the happy!