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Have at you! Welcome to Happyfest 2010!


Yup, this is it, folks, the complete list of prompts for this year's Happyfest. The main difference this year is that we're open for art works as well as fic. Otherwise, the rules remain the same, the first of which is:


(there are notes about spoilers that I NEED you to read)

How to create a Happy!Work

1. Choose a prompt. They're organised alphabetically by fandom. Where there were multiple prompts for the same character/pairing, I put all the prompt words at the end, separated by commas. Just pick ONE prompt word, not all of them. I don't think there are any with huge spoilers this year, but since I don't know all fandoms, I can't guarantee it. Please let me know if something needs changing.

2. Create a happy piece for that prompt. It doesn't have to be fluffy or silly, but it should leave people happier than when they started. Bittersweet is allowed, happy-ending-angst is allowed, as long as the reader is going to smile at the end.

3. Post it in a comment to this post. The comment limit is 4,300 characters which is a surprisingly large number of words. Drabbles are also welcome, as are longer stories. All art, from line drawings to manips is welcome.
- Your comment subject line should read: [fandom]; [title]; [characters/pairing]; [rating/spoilers] (omitting the brackets) I've put an example as the first comment, just to get you going.
- If you end up writing more than fits in a comment, either put it in two comments, or post a snippet here together with a link to the whole thing, which should be posted as a public entry in your own journal.
- For art, please use common sense, and if you've created a humungous manip, post a teaser in the comment with a link to the full work.
- If you consider your work spoilery for shows recently finished or currently airing (I'm thinking of White Collar, Warehouse 13 and Sherlock in particular, but I'm sure there are others), please use the following html to white-out your fic. That way, you can still post it, but no one will get spoiled.

< span style= "color: #ffffff; background-color: #ffffff;"> [your fic goes here]< /span>

With art, please select a non-spoilery excerpt as your tease and link people to where they can find the whole thing.

4. Look at other people's work and tell them how it made you happy. This fest needs you! The idea is to share the happy around, and you'll make someone very, very happy if you give them some feedback.


Q: The prompt says John and Rodney. Does that mean John/Rodney or do I have to go Gen?
A: The prompter probably intended you to go Gen – there are lots of slash pairings as well, if that's your preference. Having said that, if you desperately want to write a steamy PWP using a Gen prompt, I'm not going to disqualify you for it, nor if you want to use a slash prompt to write Gen. Just make sure you put a rating on your work, so that people know what they're getting, okay?

Q: The prompt says "Dr. Horrible". Can I put any other characters in there?
A: Yes, absolutely, but make sure you keep the focus on Dr. Horrible himself. Please don't cross-over with other fandoms unless the prompt says so, though.

Q: Someone's already made something from the prompt I wanted! How is that fair?
A: Don't panic! More than one person can create from the same prompt.

Q: I wrote a Buffy story, but one of the SG-1 prompts just caught my eye. Can I use that too?
A: That's fine! You can create as much as you like, as often as you like. Just post each one as a separate comment, with a properly formatted subject line.

Q: Can I promote this in my journal/on my fandom's noticeboard?
A: Absolutely! Some fandoms are covered, so please don't spam people, but grab a banner from this page and let everyone know about the fest.

Q: I'm so proud of what I did! Can I post to other communities?
A: Absolutely. Please post as a link, tracking back to your comment here. Just follow the comm's posting guidelines (headers are your friends), and be sure to mention that you wrote it for bringthehappy!

Q: So are we talking happy like milk and cookies or happy like...er...grown-up happies?
A: Both! And everything in between. All ratings and genres are welcome, G to NC-17, PWP to the fluffiest bedtime story for your five-year-old niece.

Q: I work really slowly. Am I going to miss out?
A: Our final cut-off date is 29th August (since I go on holiday the next day!), which gives you almost 2 weeks. Hopefully that's long enough!

Q: I'm still confused. Can I ask you another question?
A: Sure. Just put it in comments here, or send me a PM. Please don't put it on this post, as I'll probably turn notifications off to save my poor imploding inbox. I will drop in occasionally to check everything is running okay, and off-topic comments will be removed. Play nicely, folks :D


Since I'm not familiar with all the fandoms, shockingly, I may have screwed up names here and there. If there are major problems, please PM me and I'll sort it out.

Otherwise, away we go!

A Single Man - Discworld

A Single Man ; George/Jim ; swing
AI RPF ; Adam Lambert/Tommy Joe Ratliff ; lipgloss, sugar high
AI RPF ; Kris Allen / or & Adam Lambert ; icecream
Airwolf ; Hawke/Caitlin ; flying
Alex Delaware Novels ; Milo Sturgis & Alex Delaware or/and Robin Castagna ; coming out
Alex Delaware Novels ; Milo Sturgis/Rick Silverman ; Santa Claus, sex, warm
Alias ; Tom/Sydney ; train
Alias Smith & Jones ; Kid/Heyes ; cavalier, inhalation
Angel ; Lorne ; spring day
Ashes to Ashes ; Jim Keats ; the devil's in the details
A-Team ; Any characters ; "An inconvenience is only an adventure wrongly considered"
A-Team ; Hannibal/Face ; acting lessons
A-Team ; Face/Murdock ; insulation
A-Team ; Hannibal and Face ; revised
A-Team ; Murdock and BA ; gallop
Avatar: the Last Airbender ; Mai/Zuko ; lazy
Avatar: The Last Airbender ; Zuko and Toph ; Family
Avatar: The Last Airbender ; Zuko/Gaang ; truth
Avatar: The Last Airbender ; Zuko/Katara ; burn baby burn
Avatar: The Last Airbender/any fandom ; Any characters ; dangling conversation
Band of Brothers ; Luz ; making trouble
Battlestar Galactica (2003) ; Starbuck/Anders/Chief ; rockstar(s)
Being Human ; Marshall/George/Annie ; mirrors
Being Human/Dresden Files ; Annie ; Bob
Better Off Ted ; Veronica, Ted and Rose ; family
Bones ; Brennan, Booth, Professor Stiles ; Pistol-whip
Brotherhood (TV series) ; Declan/Cassie ; blue
BSG ; Dee ; courage
BSG ; Lee ; freedom
BSG ; Sam ; change
BSG ; Starbuck ; spirit
Buffy ; Spike and Giles ; beer
Buffy the Vampire Slayer ; any (slash or gen) ; reunion
Buffy the Vampire Slayer ; Giles ; magic
Burn Notice ; Nate/Sam ; surprise
Burn Notice ; Sam and Fiona ; Ireland
Burn Notice ; Sam, Michael & Fiona ; on the beach
Burn Notice ; Sam/Madeline ; arguments
Castle ; Alexis & Castle ; lullaby
Castle ; Kate, Rick ; Fanfiction
Castle/Dresden Files ; Richard, Harry, Bob ; Looking the part
Chuck ; Bryce / or & Chuck ; videogames
Chuck ; Casey / or & Morgan ; new car
Chuck ; Casey/Morgan ; pursuit
Chuck ; Sarah/Casey ; target practice
Chuck/Live Free or Die Hard ; Bryce/Chuck/Matt ; Klingon
Chuck/Supernatural ; Bryce Larkin/Chuck Bartowski/Sam Winchester ; Chuck Versus the Stanford Haunting
Chuck/White Collar ; Neal/Chuck/Bryce ; geek heaven
Cleopatra 2525 ; Cleo ; my world now
Cleopatra 2525 ; Cleo/Hel ; alone time
Community ; Ensemble (Or any two characters you prefer) ; Schadenfreude
Community/How I Met Your Mother ; Pierce and/or Troy , Barney Stinson ; Wingman
Covert Affairs ; Annie, Auggie ; Movies, coffee
Covert Affairs ; Annie/auggie ; high heels, stakeout
Covert Affairs ; Auggie ; rose petals
Covert Affairs ; Joan/Arthur ; orchid, semantics
Criminal Minds ; Emily ; adventurous
Criminal Minds ; Hotch ; absolution
Criminal Minds ; Hotch/Morgan ; trust
Criminal Minds ; Hotch/Reid ; scars
Criminal Minds ; male characters ; poker night
Crusade ; Galen / or & Gideon ; bond
CSI ; Greg ; key
CSI ; Nick/Greg ; observation
CSI/CSI:Miami ; Ryan/Greg ; Ryan surprises Greg with a weekend visit.
DC Comics ; Barry Allen/Hal Jordan ; for old times' sake
DC Comics ; Guy Gardner ; surprises
DC Comics ; Guy Gardner & Kyle Rayner ; off duty time, prank war, the Corps as a family
DC Comics ; Guy Gardner/Kyle Rayner ; dancing, discovery, finding home, first time, waking up
DC Comics ; JSA ; poker night
DC Comics ; Kyle Rayner ; geeks in space
Desperate Romantics ; Fred/Gabriel ; John and Maniac deflect any unwanted attention so that they can pursue their relationship.
Desperate Romantics/Highlander ; Gabriel/Methos ; more fun than poetry
Discworld ; Sam/Sybil ; getaway
Discworld ; the City Watch ; Hogswatch Party
Discworld/Buffy ; Giles and the Librarian ; modern technology

Doctor Who - Harry Potter

Doctor Who ; 10th Doctor/Simm!Master ; promise kept
Doctor Who ; 9th Doctor/Captain Jack Harkness ; bootblacking
Doctor Who ; Amy ; painting
Doctor Who ; Amy, Rory and Eleven ; birthday, reasons
Doctor Who ; Amy/Doctor/Rory ; three-thirds
Doctor Who ; Amy/Eleven/Rory ; her boys
Doctor Who ; Amy/Rory ; kiss
Doctor Who ; Charley Pollard and Eighth Doctor ; Crystal Palace dinosaurs
Doctor Who ; Donna ; big purple hat
Doctor Who ; Eleven ; gymnastics
Doctor Who ; Eleven, Amy/Rory ; beach
Doctor Who ; Eleven/Amy/Rory ; hide and seek
Doctor Who ; Eleven/Jack ; the small things
Doctor Who ; Fifth Doctor, Tegan and/or Turlough ; tea and cakes
Doctor Who ; Jamie ; chocolate
Doctor Who ; Martha & River ; wibbly-wobbly timey-wimey
Doctor Who ; Nine/Jack ; sunrise
Doctor Who ; River/Eleven ; timey-wimey
Doctor Who ; Tardis ; music
Doctor Who ; Ten and Donna ; "How old are you, six?", bubblegum blowing contest
Doctor Who ; Three/Sarah Jane ; Florana, little green men
Doctor Who ; Tom/Mickey/Martha ; Tom making a romantic dinner for his kickass husband and wife.
Doctor Who ; Ace/Hex ; tea and biscuits
Doctor Who ; Charley Pollard ; after the end
Doctor Who ; Martha & Donna ; discussing the Doctor
Doctor Who ; Martha/River ; sexy funtiems
Doctor Who ; Martha/Ten ; icecreams in 1969
Doctor Who ; TARDIS, Bessie ; conspiracy
Doctor Who ; 11 and Rory ; birthday cake
Doctor Who/Firefly ; Ace, Jayne ; the bigger boom
Doctor Who/Inception ; Ariadne ; bigger on the inside
Doctor Who/Inception ; Ariadne, the Doctor ; imagination
Doctor Who/RPF ; Eleventh Doctor/Misha Collins ; party-crashers
Doctor Who/Sherlock (BBC) ; The Doctor & Sherlock Holmes ; Universe
Doctor Who/Torchwood ; Eleven/Jack ; initiation
Doctor Who/Torchwood ; River Song, Jack, and/or John Hart ; "you can't con a con"
Dollhouse ; sierra/victor ; domestic
DragonAge: Origins ; Dagna ; adventure
Dragonball Z ; Gohan/Dende ; Remember When…, swimming
Dragonball Z ; Z Warriors ; Buffet
Dresden Files ; Ramirez ; siblings
Dresden Files/any fandom ; Any characters ; November
due South ; Dief, turtle ; master plan
due South ; Frannie/Thatcher ; eyeglasses, socks
due South ; Fraser ; book
due South ; Fraser / or & RayV ; new hat
due South ; Fraser/Kowalski ; kittens, rain, snow day, Sunday night
due South ; Fraser/Kowalski/Turbull ; kisses, books
due South ; Ray/Ray ; dancing
due South ; Thatcher ; water
due South, ; Fraser and Vecchio, ; under duress.
Due South/any fandom ; Any characters ; blue on black
Durarara!! ; Celty/Shinra, ; when I grow up
Durham County ; Sadie Sweeney ; when I'm up to no good
Ed Edd n Eddy ; Ed/Edd ; Comic Book
Eleventh Hour ; Rachel/Jacob ; healing
Eureka ; Jack and Jo ; first game of the season
Eyeshield 21 ; Hiruma/Mamori, ; game face
Final Fantasy VII ; Sephiroth/Zack ; reunion in the LifeStream
Firefly ; Mal ; Christmas
Firefly ; Mal and Zoe ; ritual
Firefly ; Mal/Simon ; Puzzles
Flashpoint ; Spike/Lew ; candy
Fringe ; Any character(s) ; Aliens
Fringe ; Astrid ; Making wishes
Fringe ; Astrid /or& Peter ; Forming new memories
Fringe ; Olivia, Peter ; I Belong To You by Muse
Fringe ; Peter ; Happy memories
Fringe ; Peter/Olivia ; childhood, phone call, road trip
Fringe ; Olivia, Astrid & Walter ; storytime
Fringe ; Olivia/Astrid ; TLC
Gargoyles/any fandom ; Any characters ; hot blooded
Gintama ; Okita/Kagura+B200 ; fist fight
GLC ; Guy Gardner/Kyle Raynor ; Anniversary, bitchy ex, Once Upon A Time
Golden Girls ; Sophia ; Purse
Harry Potter ; Draco Malfoy/Harry Potter ; coming out
Harry Potter ; Gabrielle Delacour ; perceptions
Harry Potter ; Luna/Harry ; crumple-horned snorkack
Harry Potter ; McGonagall/Snape ; peace of mind
Harry Potter ; Neville/Hermione ; strength
Harry Potter ; Percy/Oliver ; proposal.
Harry Potter ; Sirius/Remus ; reacquainting
Harry Potter ; Hermione and any Weasley ; a camcorder

Haven - Primeval

Haven ; Audrey ; hotel
Haven ; Audrey/Nathan/Duke ; awkward
Heroes ; Peter/Claude ; X-ray vision
High School Musical ; Chad/Ryan ; movie night
Highlander/Doctor Who (x-over) ; Martha/Methos ; Martha getting swordfighting lessons from Methos
Highlander/True Blood ; Godric/Methos ; "age before beauty"
House ; Chase/Wilson ; wives
House ; House ; clinic duty
House ; House/Chase ; resolution
House ; House/Wilson ; motorcycle
House ; Wilson ; Brief Encounter
House ; Wilson and House ; five-pin bowling
How I Met Your Mother ; Barney/Robin ; Barney destroys his list of conquests proving to Robin that he's serious about her.
Hunger games ; finnick/annie ; flowers in her hair
Ice Age ; Diego/Sid ; Ill, Mine, Sleeping arrangements
Ice Age ; Sid ; snooze
Inception ; Arthur ; art museum, expectations, point man
Inception ; Arthur, Ariadne ; dance
Inception ; Arthur/Ariadne ; labyrinth, maze,
Inception ; Arthur/Eames ; gamble, storm, tells, zero gravity
Inception ; Arthur/Mal/Cobb ; paradox
Inception ; Mal ; redemption
Invisible Man ; Darien/Bobby (or gen) ; day off
Jack Higgins Novels ; Billy Salter/Sean Dillon ; how many one-offs can there be before you're just in a relationship?
JAG ; Harm/Meg ; flirt
JAG ; Harm/Webb ; whiskey
Katekyo Hitman Reborn! ; Hibari/Haru, ; I like the way you think
Katekyo Hitman Reborn! ; Mukuro/Chrome, ; eyes
Kingdom Hearts ; Organization XIII: ; The organization as a family
Leverage ; Eliot and Parker ; teaching
Lie to Me ; Cal ; party tricks
Lie To Me ; Cal, Gillian ; Chocoholism
Lie to Me ; Cal/Gillian ; Twister
Lie to Me ; Emily and Gillian ; girls' day out
Life ; Anyone and everyone ; dinner
Life on Mars ; Sam/Gene ; bacon, book, bowling, contest
Lost ; Hurley & or / Ben ; bubble
M*A*S*H ; Hawkeye and BJ ; chinese whispers
M*A*S*H ; Hawkeye and Margaret ; truce
Mad Men ; Don, Sally and Bobby ; carnival
Mad Men ; Peggy and Paul ; word games
Magnificent Seven ; all ; celebration, trail dust
Magnificent Seven ; Buck and Nathan ; recovery
Magnificent Seven ; Chris/Vin ; acceptance
Magnificent Seven ; Ezra ; new clothes, the queen of hearts
Magnificent Seven ; JD ; drunk
Magnificent Seven ; Josiah/Ezra ; reunited
Magnificent Seven ; Nathan ; decision
Magnificent Seven ; Vin/Ezra ; forgiven
Man from UNCLE ; Napoleon/Illya ; answer.
Matewan ; Elma/Joe ; things to believe in, tired
Merlin ; Gwen ; flowers
Merlin ; Gwen/Lancelot ; laundry
Merlin ; Gaius, Merlin ; family
Merlin ; Uther, Gaius ; history
Merlin (BBC) ; Arthur/Lancelot ; devotion
Modern Family ; Gloria Delgado/Jay Pritchett - ; how they met
Modern Family ; Manny Delgado/Alex Dumphy - ; first kiss
Murdoch Mysteries ; William Murdoch/Dr Julia Ogden ; complete happiness
Mutant X ; Adam/Shalimar ; scent
NCIS ; Abby (gen) ; New boots, boots, phone
NCIS ; Ducky and Jethro(gen) ; One drink too many
NCIS ; Gibbs & Abby ; sign language
NCIS ; Gibbs/DiNozzo ; scarf, yo-yos
NCIS ; Tony ; stuffed animal
NCIS ; Abby/Ziva ; shopping spree
NCIS ; Tony/Abby/Tim ; makeovers
NCIS ; Tony/Tim ; beer and pizza
NCIS: LA ; G/Sam ; borrowing clothes, ferret, hazing Deeks, massage, sleepy
New Tricks ; any ; swearing
Night World ; Keller(/whomever) ; running
Night World ; Mary-Lynette ; college
Numb3rs ; Charlie/Colby ; pattern
Numb3rs/SGA ; Colby/Lorne ; lights
One Piece ; Luffy/Nami ; can't wait to be king
One Piece ; Sanji/Nami ; tasty treats
Primeval ; Lester ; silk
Primeval ; Rex, Sid & Nancy ; school trip
Primeval ; Sarah/Jenny ; diatoms

Psych - Star Trek XI

Psych ; Shawn/Lassiter ; art
Queer As Folk ; Stuart/Vince ; There are many rumours about Stuart and Vince... All of them are true.
Raines ; Raines and That Bride From The Title Sequence ; ever-after
Riptide ; Nick, Cody, Murray ; frugality
Riptide ; Nick/Cody ; photography
Riptide ; Cody Allen/Nick Ryder ; ticklish
Rizzoli & Isles ; Frost & or / anyone ; nobody says i love you anymore
Rizzoli & Isles ; Rizzoli & or / Isles ; cigarettes and wine
Royal Pains ; Hank/Evan ; rainy day, shares smiles, watching the sunset
Royal Pains ; Jill/Divya ; matching tattoos
Royal Pains ; Hank/Evan ; comfort food
RPF ; Mike Cooley/Shonna Tucker ; that girl don't fake it
RPF ; Rhett Miller/Cory Branan ; soul train
RPF ; Rhett Miller/Ryan Adams ; modern technology
RPS ; Adam Lambert/Jesse Spencer ; margarita
RPS ; Jason/Grant ; EVP, snowbound
RPS ; John Barrowman/Eve Myles ; fatherhood
Sanctuary ; Kate ; skipping school
Sanctuary ; Kate/Will ; beach, day off, vacation
Sanctuary ; Watson & Will ; "Elementary.
Sanctuary/Doctor Who (x-over) ; James Watson/Martha Jones ; brilliant minds at work and play
Sandman (Neil Gaiman comics) ; Death, Delirium ; family
Sentinel ; Jim/Blair ; party
SG-1 ; Mitchell ; constellation
SG-1 ; Sam & Vala ; prize
SG-1 ; Teal'c ; scientists
SG-1/SGA ; Cam/John ; ritual, surprise, chain, wwatch
SG-1/SGA ; John Sheppard/Daniel Jackson ; geeks and guns
SG-1/SGA ; Team SGA and Team SG1 (gen) ; Emails
SG-1/SGA ; Vala ; pink champagne
SGA ; Beckett ; stethoscope
SGA ; Carson and Rodney (gen) ; Birthday (or other celebration)
SGA ; Carson, Jennifer and Nurse Marie or Dr Biro (gen) ; Hypochrondria
SGA ; John & Sam ; team
SGA ; John, Ronon, Teyla and Rodney (gen) ; Camping
SGA ; John/Teyla ; dreams
SGA ; Rodney (gen) ; Babysitting
SGA ; Rodney and Ronon (gen) ; Hunting
SGA ; Rodney and Teyla (gen) ; Birds
SGA ; Shepard, Teyla, Rodney and Ronan ; twister
SGA ; Sheppard ; mascara
SGA ; Team plus others of your choosing (gen) ; Atlantis noticeboard (or online equivalent)
SGA ; John/Teyla ; bantos rods
Sherlock (2010) ; John/Sherlock ; house warming, jam sandwiches
Sherlock (2010) ; Lestrade/Watson ; reticence
Sherlock (2010) ; Sherlock ; cooking
Sherlock (2010) ; Sherlock and John ; wallets, double glazing, birthday, pop music, puppy, sleeping in
Sherlock (2010) ; Watson, Lestrade ; tea
Sherlock/Torchwood/Doctor Who ; anyone from at least two of the above ; it's all one Whoniverse
Skating RPF ; Johnny Weir ; redo
Skating RPF ; Johnny/Melissa/Denis ; angels, choreography, costumes
Skating RPF ; Johnny/Ryan Bradley ; national
Skating RPF ; Johnny/Sasha ; beginning(s)
Skating RPF ; Johnny/Stephane ; later
Skating RPF ; Johnny/Tanith ; marriage
Skating RPF ; Meryl/Ryan ; clowns
Skating RPF ; Sasha Cohen/Naomi Nari Nam ; rivals
Skating RPF ; Stephane Lambiel ; special
Skating RPF ; Stephane/Shizuka ; ice cream sundaes
Skating RPF ; Stephane/Surya or Stephane & Surya ; animals
Skating RPF ; Tanith/Meryl/Charlie ; Sochi
Southland ; John Cooper/Cezar ; fireworks
SPN ; Castiel ; explore
SPN ; Dean/Castiel/Jo ; wings
SPN ; Dean/Jo ; backseat
SPN ; Dean/Sam/Gabriel/Castiel ; TV
SPN ; Jo/Lucifer ; swimming
SPN ; Sam, Dean, Cas or Dean/Cas ; Beginnings.
SPN ; Sam/Gabriel ; island
SPN ; Dean Winchester ; Victor Henrickson
SPN ; Dean Winchester/Lisa Braeden, Ben, Sam Winchester ; reunion
SPN ; Dean/Castiel ; holiday
SPN RPF ; J2 ; Coffee, winter rain, shower, summer rain
St. Trinian's ; Annabelle/Polly ; tick tock
St. Trinian's ; Kelly(/anyone) ; explosions
Star Trek (either TOS or Reboot) ; Kirk/Spock ; paperwork
Star Trek (TOS or Reboot) ; Scotty ; exploration
Star Trek Reboot ; Chapel/McCoy ; Shall We Dance?
Star Trek Reboot ; McCoy/Chekov ; plasma.
Star Trek Reboot ; McCoy/Kirk ; smug smile.
Star Trek XI ; Jim Kirk/Spock ; kitty!Spock, tribbles

Starsky & Hutch - Without A Trace

Starsky & Hutch ; Starsky/Hutch ; snow in LA
syfy's alice ; hatter/alice ; carnival games
Teachers ; Brian/JP ; Brian has never found love this uncomplicated before.
Temeraire/any fandom ; Any ; read my book
The Bill ; Luke/Craig ; after some initial doubts Craig gives Luke a second chance and it works out brilliantly.
The Clangers/Torchwood ; Myfanwy, team, soup dragon ; Bonding
The Closer ; Capt. Sharon Raydor ; getting even, karaoke, misunderstood
The Dead Zone/The Mentalist ; Johnny Smith, Bruce Lewis, Patrick Jane ; When Jane meets a real psychic...
The Demonata ; Juni/Kernel ; Maybe this time
The Demonata ; Kernel/Bec/Grubbs ; Start all over again.
The Demonata ; Meera/Dervish ; Finally
The Good Guys ; Dan and Jack ; 3 AM
The Lord of the Rings ; Merry and Pippin ; Drunk and Disorderly
The Lord of the Rings ; Merry/Pippin ; Ticklish
The Mentalist ; Cho/Jane ; Coffee vs. tea, Jane is good with kids, reasons why, the perfect cup
The Mentalist ; Jane + CBI Team ; Picnic
The Middleman ; any character(s) ; non-traditional holidays
The Middleman ; Lacey ; dance
The Middleman ; Raveena Rao ; music
The Pacific ; Ack-Ack/Hillbilly ; music
The Pacific ; Leckie and character of your choice ; reunion
The Professionals ; Bodie/Doyle ; commendation, euphoria, Swiss roll & bullets, drive, ladder, longing, protect, toast
The Sarah Jane Adventures ; Luke/Clyde ; uncool
The Sarah-Jane Adventures ; Luke and Rani ; science
Three Musketeers (Movie/TV (any) or Book Series) ; Athos/Aramis ; dishevelment, windowsill
Three Musketeers (Movie/TV (any) or Book Series) ; Porthos, Athos, Aramis ; conflagration
Torchwood ; Captain John Hart/Captain Jack Harkness ; body shots
Torchwood ; Gwen/Ianto/Jack ; heatwave
Torchwood ; Jack ; raindrops
Torchwood ; Jack and Owen ; scarab
Torchwood ; Jack/Ianto ; room service, scrabble
Torchwood ; Tosh and Ianto ; green aliens
Tortall verse ; Alanna/George ; love
Tortall verse ; Aly/Kyprioth ; flirting, tease
Tortall verse ; Aly/Nawat ; mate
Tortall verse ; Beka/Rosto ; criminal intent
Tortall verse ; Daine/Numair ; puppy
Tortall verse ; George/Alanna ; stealing kisses
Tortall verse ; George/Jonathan/Alanna ; celebration
Tortall verse ; Kel, Dom, Raoul, and/or Neal ; wildflowers
Traveler ; Tyler/Will ; future
True Blood ; Eric/Pam ; belonging
True Blood ; Godric/Eric ; loyalty
Vampire Babylon ; Claudius/Dawn ; bonding
Vampire Babylon ; Kiko/Natalia ; Sugar
veronica mars ; logan/veronica ; cuddling
Warehouse 13 ; Claudia ; Archimedes
Warehouse 13 ; Pete and Myka ; Darwin's notebook
Warehouse 13 ; Pete, Myka, Claudia ; Pogo-stick
Warehouse 13 ; H G Wells ; life before the Warehouse
Warehouse 13/Eureka ; Claudia/Fargo ; Talk geeky to me
White Collar ; any ; whistling
White Collar ; Diana/Christy ; dressing up
White Collar ; June ; coffee
White Collar ; June & Mozzie ; shopping
White Collar ; Neal/Peter ; incentive, please
White Collar ; Neal/Peter/Diana ; comfort
White Collar ; Peter/Elizabeth/Neal ; dancing
White Collar ; Peter/Neal ; busted, Neal's sketches, new suit, protection, shared shower, stakeout, tipsy
Wilby Wonderful ; Dan/Duck ; leather jacket.
Without A Trace ; Danny/Martin ; Danny accepts him so completely
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  • This is your 48 hour warning, folks. 48 hours.

    Things are fairly quiet over here in Happy Land, but there's lots of happy in those comments, so drop in for a read if you haven't yet. Because I'm…

  • Happy Weekend, everybody

    How's everyone doing? Staying happy? We've got some great stories so far, 21 of them in 14 fandoms, and some lovely pieces of art. Keep checking in…

  • Prompts closed!

    As the observant among you will have noticed, I totally failed to close prompts on Friday, due to unexpected internet absence. Sometimes you just…