August 9th, 2010


Open for Prompts!

I'm going to start promoting this around comms tomorrow, since today has gone all pear-shaped. This gives folks another day to send me any banners for people to use in their comms - the more the happier!

In the meantime, if you want to put a banner in your journal tonight, there are 2 under the cut, kindly contributed by donutsweeper. Please download rather than hotlink, as I'm not sure my account can take the strain. You can click through for larger versions. Thank you kindly.

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Right, with no further ado:

Happyfest IV

Open for prompts

Please assume that some prompts will be spoilerific for shows currently airing and shield your screen accordingly! If you really don't want to risk seeing anything, feel free to PM me your prompts instead.


1. ALL stories must have happy endings.
It doesn't have to involve puppies and kittens, but you should leave people smiling rather than sobbing.

1a. ALL art must have a happy feel
This is harder to define, as it's the first year we've opened up to art, but I trust you guys to create things that'll make people smile.

2. ALL genres are welcome.
If you want to write happy-ending angst, that's fine. Fluff and crack are also welcome, as are action, whump, character studies, romances… you get the idea. RPF is also welcome, but please be sure and label it accordingly in both prompts and fics.

3. ALL fandoms are welcome.
I'm going to get out there and advertise it as much as I can, of which more tomorrow.

4. ALL ratings are welcome.
We will be taking everything from the gentlest Gen to NC-17.

5. The Fest has 2 parts, the Prompt stage and the Posting stage.
Please read and follow the instructions in each case or the mod will look over her librarian glasses and tut at you, and no one wants that.

Instructions for Prompts:

1. Prompts open today, Monday 9th August and close Friday 13th August

2. Comment to this post with a fandom, a character/characters/a team, and a prompt word. Please separate elements with a semi-colon.

Doctor Who; River Song; hat
SPN; Castiel; Road block
White Collar; Peter/Elizabeth; tiger
Torchwood; John Hart; calendar
NCIS; Gibbs and Tony; flower

Formatting it this way will save me all kinds of headaches, and my brain thanks you for your consideration.

3. You can leave up to ten prompts. Because there are usually lots of prompts for me to get through, if you leave more than this, I will only copy and paste your first ten. Choose wisely! Please remember that if no one from your fandom knows about the fest, you're not going to get your prompt written. Spread the word!

4. Because someone's bound to ask, yes, you will be allowed to write your own prompt.

5. Sit back and wait or glance through other people's prompts and start thinking about what you'd like to write.

Instructions for Happy!works will follow on Monday, once I've had a chance to compile the list of prompts. But the aim will be to produce as much as possible, as happy as possible.

Please mention this fest anywhere and everywhere – the more, the happier!