August 27th, 2008


Prompts Closed!

Okay all you chirpy chappies, prompts are now CLOSED!

HUGE thanks to everyone who left one (or ten, or twenty...) and I'll be back later with a proper list and the Writing Rules.

So hang in there, stay smiling and get ready to Bring the Happy!

We are OPEN!

Happyfest II is OPEN!

Thank you so much to everyone who contributed a prompt. There are 441 of them in over a hundred fandoms, from TV to books to movies to anime and back again. And that doesn't include all the crossovers.

So grab a prompt and get writing!

I will ask people to delete and re-post wrongly formatted entries, since I'm the one who has to compile the masterlist, and I like my braincells as they are.

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Q: I'm still confused. Can I ask you another question?
A: Sure. Just put it in comments here, or send me a PM. Please don't put it on this post, as I'll probably turn notifications off to save my poor imploding inbox.

I hope that's everything you need to know. Time to get writing!

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Go! Get writing! Be happy!

The mod would like to take this opportunity to thank her friends-list, who provide constant enthusiasm, encouragement, and paper bags to breathe into when she realises just how much she's taken on.