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2009 Masterlist

Here we go.

Alphabetical by fandom. Be sure to watch for spoilers, warnings, ratings and links to personal journals. Also be sure to enjoy!

Ashes to Ashes ; Chris/Shaz ; retro ; G / no spoilers (1/2) by skew_whiff
Bleach ; Ukitake, Shinji ; PG-13/Spoilers by cruelest_month
Blood Ties; Crazy Like That; Vicki/Henry; PG (Spoilers for end of TV series) by kittydesade
Bones; The Cowboy Maneuver; Brennan/Booth; PG by kaddywhak
Burn Notice; Miami Dreaming; Victor & Michael; PG by kittydesade
Cardcaptor Sakura; Warm Blankets; Sakura/Syaoran; G/none by moon_destiny
Castle; Guess and Check; Castle, Alexis; G/none [1/2] by sparkism
CSI: NY ; Flack/Messer ; key by samueljames
DC: Batman: The Animated Series; Shower; Bruce/Barbara; NC-17 by kirax2
DCU; Distribution Of Wealth; Bruce and Clark; G/No spoilers by cycnus39
DCU; Homesick: Damian Wayne, Dick Grayson; G by arch_schatten
DCU; Nouvelle Cuisine; Alfred Pennyworth; G/No Spoilers by cycnus39
Discworld; Joy in Unexpected Places; Vimes and Young Sam; snow by idontlikegravy
Doctor Who (Big Finish); Red Planet; Charley Pollard; G / no spoilers by rustydog
Doctor Who ; Nine & Jack, Rose ; tea party; G by donutsweeper
Doctor Who; Good Different; Ianto, Rose w/ Alt. Ten; Jam prompt; G/ Journey's End spoilers by awanderingbard
Doctor Who; Let Them Eat Cake; The Daleks, ft. Dalek Caan; G // Vague Spoilers for TSE/JE by earlwyn
Doctor Who; Morning; Jack & Rose; PG by pie_is_good
Doctor Who; Sunshine; Tish Jones; G by torn_eledhwen
Doctor Who; Tango; Jack & Rose; PG by laurab1
Doctor Who; Trust; Donna, Ten; G // Part I by darsynia
Dr. Who; The Tin Dog Blues; Mickey Smith/Christina de Souza; PG-13 by mad_maudlin
Dresden Files; Bob; Mister by smokexscribbles
due south/durham county; down across the line; ray kowalski/mike sweeney, hockey; R by sionnain
due South; in the closet; kowalski/vecchio; teen by sionnain
due South; light jazz; ray kowalski/ray vecchio; PG13 by sionnain
due South; Ray's Assortment; Fraser/Kowalski; crayons prompt; PG-13 to light R/no spoilers by mizface
Due South; Sometimes It's Good To Be Wrong; Fraser/Kowalski/Vecchio; R; no spoilers by exbex
Eleventh Hour; Coffee Table Science; Jacob/Rachel; Experiment; G/no spoilers by awanderingbard
Firefly/Doctor Who; Compatible; Jayne/Ace; PG by hermione_vader
Firefly/Doctor Who; Rock ; Jayne, Ace; G / no spoilers by rustydog
Firefly; A Shot of Perfection; Mal/Simon; Shooting prompt; R/no spoilers; (1/4) by sierrawyndsong
Firefly; Anti- Antidis- What?; Wash and Mal; G by scherryzade
Firefly; Distractions; Kaylee and Wash; Puzzle prompt; G/no spoilers by awanderingbard
Harry Potter; Pluck Up What Is Planted; Neville/Luna; G/Deathly Hallows by naushika
Harry Potter; Trains; Harry; G/vague HBP movie spoilers by pie_is_good
House; A Question of Convenience; Wilson, Cuddy, House; G / no spoilers (1/2) by mer_duff
House; House/Wilson; freedom; PG (pt. 1/2) by ticcyyy
House; Rose; House/Wilson (can read as friendship); PG-13 / no spoilers by deelaundry
Leverage; Raid; World of Warcraft prompt; Team; PGish / no spoilers by crescent_gaia
Life on Mars; Fever; Sam, Gene; G/None; Part I by travels_in_time
Life on Mars; Zoo; Sam/Gene; G/None by travels_in_time
M*A*S*H; Fishing; Henry, Radar; PG/no spoilers (1/3) by eponymous_rose
Marvel; Not That There's Anything Wrong with That; Sam Guthrie/Roberto DaCosta; PG/none I believe by strawberispring
Merlin; Honey; Arthur/Merlin; PG-13 (implied NC17) by thisfishflies
Naruto; amalie; Sakura/Yamato; PG-13/no spoilers by kalliel
Naruto; Hospital Rain; Kakashi/Iruka; Rain prompt; G by crescent_gaia
NCIS/Highlander; Time After Time; Ducky, Amanda; party by idontlikegravy
Numb3rs; Me and My Peeps; Colby Granger/Liz Warner; PG-13; No Spoilers by zibal_01
Primeval; Bubastis, Kitten of Egypt; Abby, Sarah; G / no spoilers (1/2) by rustydog
Pushing Daisies; Ned/Chuck; prompt: snowball fight by melancholise
Sailor Moon; Attempt to Sleep; Usagi/Mamoru; G by crescent_gaia
Smallville; Turtle; Chloe/Bart; G by vodooman
Star Trek (AOS); She's late; Spock/Uhura; G by scherryzade
Star Trek (Reboot); Chekov/anyone but Sulu; bad memories (Chekov/Kirk, PG) by umbrella_half
Star Trek (reboot); Expectant; Kirk (w/ Bones); 'acting like a real captain' prompt; G/no spoilers by awanderingbard
Star Trek (reboot); Study Break; Spock/Uhura; Jelly Beans; PG/no spoilers by awanderingbard
Star Trek (TOS); Instinct; Spock/McCoy; PG; prompt-snark (part 1) by cousinshelley
Stargate Atlantis/Stargate SG1; Coming Home; John Sheppard/Cam Mitchell; PG/pre-series by bluflamingo
Stargate Atlantis; Pillow talk; John Sheppard/Rodney McKay; PG-13/none by moon_destiny
Stargate: Atlantis ; John Sheppard/Evan Lorne ; paperwork by doke_88
Stargate: Atlantis; Any; Underappreciated; G - Part I by darsynia
Stargate: Atlantis; First Flight, First Memory; John Sheppard; G by scherryzade
Supernatural/Good Omens; Is that?; Crowley/Aziraphale, Sam, Dean, Castiel, Ruby, Anna; G (1/2) by scherryzade
Supernatural; "Believe in me (that believes in you)!" Dean/Castiel PG-13 for swearing 1/2 by chipped_diamond
Supernatural; Find a Way; Dean/Castiel; PG/nonspoilery by blualbino
Supernatural; kisses; Dean/Castiel; PG-13/no spoilers by martyred_wings
Supernatural; Posessive Pronouns; Dean/Castiel; PG-13/None (as far as I know) by lackadaisy
Supernatural; Three Scenes; Dean/Castiel/Anna; PG/None by rama_pi
The Bill ; Luke/Craig ; marry me? NC17 (PWP): Asked by mad_jaks
The Mentalist; Blue-Eyed Boy; Patrick Jane & Grace; PG by kittydesade
Torchwood ; Ianto & Tosh ; wine; PG by adina_atl
Torchwood; Having a Drink; Ianto & Tosh; wine; PG; Spoilers for Greeks Bearing Gifts,Fragments, CoE (part 1) by crescent_gaia
Torchwood; Illumination ;Jack; stars; PG/spoilers for Children of Earth by aeshna_uk
Torchwood; It's Possible Sometimes ; Gwen; G/Children of Earth spoilers. by iambickilometer
Torchwood; Jack/ianto; Christmas "Thinking of You" G/None by shamazipan
Torchwood; Memory; (spoilery character); G (Children of Earth spoilers) by crystalshard
Torchwood; smile; Jack/Ianto; G/spoilers for Children of Earth, Day Four by thecrackerfaery
Torchwood; Smiling in the Moonlight; Toshiko, Jack; G / no spoilers by rustydog
Torchwood; Some Say in Fire (Pt 1 of 2); Jack, dragon; G / spoiler for Children of Earth in part 2 by rustydog
Torchwood; Something Like Love; Gwen/Ianto; PG by geekgirlofdoom
True Blood; The Way to a Man's Heart; PG-13ish, Bill/Sookie, prompt--pie by cousinshelley
Watchmen; You Can't Make Love; Sally Jupiter/The Comedian; PG-13 by kittydesade
xxxHolic; Halloween; Doumeki/Watanuki; G/none by moon_destiny
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