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2008 masterlist

Better late than never!

Alphabetical by fandom, and all links go to comments, although some fic is at personal journals. Be sure to watch for spoilers and multi-part stories.

Being Human; One piece scavanger hunt; George; Gen by amaresu
Burn Notice ; Michael ; public swimming pools ; PG by bergann
Burn Notice ; Sam ; deli ; G by lotus0kid
Criminal Minds; Turquoise; Garcia/Morgan; PG-13 by anguis_1
CSI:NY ; Flack/Danny ; gum ; PG-13 by bergann
Doctor Who ; any Doctor ; "trust me, I know what I'm doing..."; PG by nicis_anatomy
Doctor Who, “And Now These Three Remain”, Jack/Martha, PG by laurab1
Doctor Who, “Just A Day In Bed”, Ninth Doctor/Jack Harkness/Rose, 12 aka PG-13 by laurab1
Doctor Who; Followed by the Plume of Her Tail; Tenth Doctor, Donna; PG by rustydog
Doctor Who; Martha; music (Tag fic for Simon Guerrier's "The Pirate Loop" by persiflage_1
Doctor Who; Skeletons; Doctor/Martha; G by studyofrunning
Doctor Who; Workaround; Donna/Jack; PG by enigel
Dr. Horrible ; Bad Horse Chorus and the Groupies ; war; G by blackletter
Dr. Horrible ; Web Cam ; Captain Hammer/Dr. Horrible ; NC-17 by fifteenminutes
Dr. Horrible; A.B.D. (All But Dissertation) in Horribleness; Dr. Horrible and brief Moist; G by sunscald
Dr. Horrible;the Sing-Along Blog's Audience;fanfic & Dr. Horrible;Dr. Horrible/Moist;slipping; NC-17 by blackletter
Due South ; "Sounds of Spring"; Dief and RayK ; body heat; G by keerawa
Due South; Four Thoughts About Donuts; Diefenbaker; G by misura
Due South; Licked; Dief and RayK; body heat; PG by mmmarmalade
Firefly, “Dressmaking”, River, PG by laurab1
Firefly; Kaylee/Simon; Lots of Practice; G by awanderingbard
Firefly; River; fairy tales; G by iambickilometer
Good Omens ; lord of the jungle ; crowley/aziraphale ; PG by xturncoatxiii
Havemercy; Little Favors; Royston & Adamo; PG by sparkism
Havemercy; Rook&Thom; world weary travellers. R for swearing by laliandra
House MD; His Orange for a Blowjob (Except Not); House/Wilson; PG-13 by misura
House MD; Movie Time; House/Chase; PG-13 by puppylover6511
House MD; My Best Friend's Gambling Addiction; House/Wilson; PG-13 by misura
House, MD/Torchwood ; House and Jack ; dead again?; PG-13 by pwcorgigirl
House, MD; Tombstone; House and Wilson; PG by mer_duff
How I Met Your Mother ; Shiny ; Ted/Barney ; PG by fifteenminutes
How I Met Your Mother ; Ted/Barney ; goldfish ; PG by bergann
How I Met Your Mother; Undead Bro; Barney, Ted, ensemble; PG by rustydog
Jeeves & Wooster ; Night cap; Jeeves and Wooster ; G by jocoses
Muffin Rangers; HQ crew {villains&rangers}; "this couch ain't big enough for the six of us"; PG by iambickilometer
NCIS; The Elevator Tattoo; Tony & Abby; rated G by donutsweeper
Northern Exposure; Morning Glenn; Chris; G by theninth
Numb3rs; Silence; Larry Fleinhardt and Charlie Eppes; G (1/2) by misura
Numb3rs; Silence; Larry Fleinhardt and Charlie Eppes; G (2/2) by misura
Psych ; Lassiter ; unicorn by bergann
Psych, Shawn & Lassiter, Pineapple Trouble; G by bowlnoodle
Psych; Black Knight; Shawn/Gus; PG by uh_oh_shuffle
Psych; Dark Horse; Lassiter/Shawn; PG by teaphile
Pushing Daisies ; Ned and Chuck ; sunglasses ; pg by rosie1234
SG1/SGA; Crazy Uncle; Mitchell/Sheppard; PG-13 by slybrarian
SGA; Sparring Tips; Rodney, Ronon; G by wildcat88
SGA; Thinking of Home; Radek; G by smithy161
Star Wars; Of Mice and Jedi; Obi-Wan Qui-Gon (no slash); G by merenwenkb
Stargate Atlantis; Art Imitating Life; Lorne; G by awanderingbard
Stargate Atlantis; Job Satisfaction; Chuck, PG by slybrarian
Stargate Atlantis; Lightning Dances; Sheppard/Atlants; G by donutsweeper
Stargate: Atlantis ; Teyla & Sheppard ; Patches of Kindness; rated G by donutsweeper
Stargate: Atlantis; Mating habits of the Pegasus geek; Mckay/Novak; PG-13 for a bad word by amaresu
Stargate: Atlantis; Ronon; arts and crafts; G by pwcorgigirl
Stargate: Atlantis; Wakeup Call; Lorne/McKay and MorningPerson!Sheppard; PG by slybrarian
Supernatural; Sam; tourism; PG-13 by pwcorgigirl
The Closer; Not Quite Home; Tao, Tao's wife, and Sanchez; G by teh_bug
The Dark Knight; Beat (Health, Life and Fire); Bruce/Rachel; PG by riseoverrun
The Dresden Files (book); A Midnight Clear; Kincaid, Thomas, Harry and Murphy; G by awanderingbard
The Dresden Files/Torchwood ; Out of Towner; Harry and Ianto ; PG by szm
The Dresden Files; The Things You Do For Family; Bob, Molly; G by aeron_lanart
Tin Man, Formal Wear, Cain/Glitch, Laughter, PG-13 by entangled_now
Torchwood ; Barrel of What? Andy ; G by donutsweeper
Torchwood ; Of Blocks and Horses; Rhys; G by donutsweeper
Torchwood; "Touching Blue"; Jack; PG by aeshna_uk
Torchwood; Equine Enigma; Gwen, Ianto, horses; PG by alba17
Torchwood; Guard and Guardian; Myfanwy; G by crystalshard
Torchwood; Hot and bothered; Owen ; G by jocoses
Torchwood; If You Want to Go Walking Through the Tall Green Grass; Gwen, Ianto; G by rustydog
Torchwood; Letters; Jack/Ianto; G by szm
Torchwood; Marmite; Owen/Tosh; NC-17 by kshandr
Torchwood; Morning Routine; Ianto/10th Doctor (routine); R for boykissing and smutty innuendo by dvanulya
Wilby Wonderful; 5 weeks; Dan/Duck; PG by captainlaura
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