jadesfire2808 (jadesfire) wrote in bringthehappy,

*peers into ether*

Well, everything seems to have gone quiet around here, so I think we're coming to the end of the happyfest. Because I don't like to spring these things on people, I'm giving you 48 hours notice before I declare the fest officially over. By my watch, that means we'll finish at 11.15 BST Monday 17th August, so if anyone's got one last story that they have to write, better get it in quick!

I have an ambition to actually compile the master lists for this year and last year, but given my general state of headless-chicken-ness, I'm not advising anyone to hold their breath. If there is someone with a few spare hours for link-clicking and list-compiling, please get in touch :)

Otherwise, this is your 48 hour warning, folks. 48 hours to go!
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