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We are OPEN!

Happyfest II is OPEN!

Thank you so much to everyone who contributed a prompt. There are 441 of them in over a hundred fandoms, from TV to books to movies to anime and back again. And that doesn't include all the crossovers.

So grab a prompt and get writing!

I will ask people to delete and re-post wrongly formatted entries, since I'm the one who has to compile the masterlist, and I like my braincells as they are.

[Anyone noticing any similarity to the way the Porn battle prompts are organised is astutely observant. Here, have a cookie.]

How to write a happy!fic

1. Choose a prompt. They're organised alphabetically by fandom. Where there were multiple prompts for the same character/pairing, I put all the prompt words at the end, separated by commas. Just pick ONE prompt word, not all of them.

2. Write a happy fic to that prompt. The story doesn't have to be fluffy or silly, but it should leave the reader happier than when they started. Bittersweet is allowed, happy-ending-angst is allowed, as long as the reader is going to smile at the end.

3. Post it in a comment to this post. The comment limit is 4,300 characters which is a surprisingly large number of words. Drabbles are also welcome, as are longer stories.
- Your comment subject line should read: [fandom]; [title]; [characters/pairing]; [rating]. I've put an example as the first comment, just to get you going.
- If you end up writing more than fits in a comment, either put it in two comments, or post a snippet here together with a link to the whole thing, which should be posted as a public entry in your own journal.

4. Read someone else's story and tell them how it made you happy. This fest needs you! The idea is to share the happy around, and you'll make an author very, very happy if you give them some feedback.


Q: The prompt says John and Rodney. Does that mean John/Rodney or do I have to write Gen?
A: The prompter probably intended you to write Gen – there are lots of slash pairings as well, if that's your preference. Having said that, if you desperately want to write a steamy PWP using a Gen prompt, I'm not going to disqualify you for it, nor if you want to use a slash prompt to write Gen. Just make sure you put a rating on your story, so that people know what they're getting, okay?

Q: The prompt says "Dr. Horrible". Can I put any other characters in there?
A: Yes, absolutely, but make sure you keep the focus on Dr. Horrible himself. Please don't cross-over with other fandoms unless the prompt says so, though.

Q: Someone's already written off the prompt I wanted! How is that fair?
A: Don't panic! More than one person can write from the same prompt.

Q: I wrote a Buffy story, but one of the SG-1 prompts just caught my eye. Can I write that too?
A: That's fine! You can write as much as you like, as often as you like. Just post each one as a separate comment, with a properly formatted subject line.

Q: Can I promote this in my journal/on my fandom's noticeboard?
A: Absolutely! I've covered Doctor Who, Torchwood, SGA, SPN, NCIS and Due South so please don't bug those mods again, but please, please get the word out as much as possible.

Q: I'm so proud of what I wrote! Can I post to other communities?
A: Absolutely. Please post as a link, tracking back to your comment here. Just follow the comm's posting guidelines (headers are your friends), and be sure to mention that you wrote it for bringthehappy!

Q: There are so many stories! How will I find anything?
A: Don't panic! A masterlist will be posted once the fest is over. Until then, scan through the subject lines to find something you might like.

Q: So are we talking happy like milk and cookies or happy like...er...grown-up happies?
A: Both! And everything in between. All ratings and genres are welcome, G to NC-17, PWP to the fluffiest bedtime story for your five-year-old niece.

Q: I write really slowly. Am I going to miss out?
A:I'm not putting a fixed closing date on the fest, so take your time, choose your prompt and get writing! We'll wind up in a couple of weeks once everyone's had a chance to write what they want.

Q: I'm still confused. Can I ask you another question?
A: Sure. Just put it in comments here, or send me a PM. Please don't put it on this post, as I'll probably turn notifications off to save my poor imploding inbox.

I hope that's everything you need to know. Time to get writing!

All prompts, All fandoms, All happy!

Angel the Series ; Fred/Gunn ; linoleum
Angel the Series ; Lorne ; clash

Avatar ; Katara, Sokka, ; homecoming

Battlestar Galactica ; Kara/Leoben ; fuzzy
Battlestar Galactica ; Kara ; paint
Battlestar Galactica ; Sam ; Pyramid
Battlestar Galactica ; Starbuck/Anders/Lee ; reasonable

Being Human ; George ; dog biscuits

Blake's 7 ; Avon and Vila ; trouble
Blake's 7 ; Avon/Vila ; satay from a street vendor
Blake's 7 ; Blake/Cally ; paper cut

Bones ; Bones, Booth ; stupidity

Brothers & Sisters ; Kitty & Robert ; bassinette

Buffy the Vampire Slayer ; Buffy/Spike ; charm
Buffy the Vampire Slayer ; Xander ; Snoopy Dance
Buffy the Vampire Slayer ; Faith/Spike ; whipped cream
Buffy the Vampire Slayer ; Willow/Tara ; spice rack
Buffy the Vampire Slayer ; Joyce/Giles ; bootleg tapes

Buffy/Angel ; Buffy and Lorne ; swing
Buffy/Angel ; Lorne, Sweet (the Once More With Feeling villain) ; "strategery"

Burn Notice ; Michael ; music
Burn Notice ; Michael ; public swimming pools
Burn Notice ; Sam ; deli
Burn Notice ; Fiona ; shoes

Charlie Bartlett ; Charlie/Mr. Gardener ; counseling

Chuck ; Chuck, Awesome ; X-Box
Chuck ; Chuck/Casey ; don't freak out
Chuck ; Chuck, Awesome ; beach
Chuck ; Casey ; guns
Chuck ; Chuck and Morgan ; Slashdot

Constantine ; John, Chas ; dinner

Criminal Minds ; The team ; certificate
Criminal Minds ; Garcia ; turquoise, curves, heels
Criminal Minds ; Reid ; OED (Oxford English Dictionary), wrists, glasses, Clydesdales, playground

CSI:NY ; Flack/Danny ; this closet isn't big enough for the both of us, dog, had me at hello, gum
CSI:NY ; Danny/Adam ; geek, computer

Dead Zone ; Walt/Johnny ; come again?, that's new

Discworld ; Polly/Mal ; external/internal war

Doctor Who ; Ace ; footpath
Doctor Who ; any Doctor ; "trust me, I know what I'm doing..."
Doctor Who ; Barbara Wright ; bad hair day
Doctor Who ; Doctor/Donna ; genderswap, dogs
Doctor Who ; Doctor/Martha ; Skeletons
Doctor Who ; Doctor/Master ; porridge, jedi
Doctor Who ; Donna ; shopping, talk, mnemomic
Doctor Who ; Donna, Tenth Doctor ; discussion about wigs, Asian Food, whole again
Doctor Who ; Donna/Jack ; grass
Doctor Who ; Five ; "I could have sworn...."
Doctor Who ; Four, Sarah ; disco
Doctor Who ; Harriet Jones ; judging a county fair
Doctor Who ; Jack/Martha ; hope
Doctor Who ; Martha ; truth, music
Doctor Who ; Martha, Jack ; sling-shot
Doctor Who ; Martha/Rose ; Falling
Doctor Who ; Ninth Doctor ; buttons
Doctor Who ; Ninth Doctor, Rose ; badminton
Doctor Who ; Ninth Doctor/Jack Harkness/Rose ; idle
Doctor Who ; Ninth Doctor/Jo ; snow
Doctor Who ; Old school Master/Doctor ; batteries
Doctor Who ; Romana, Four ; zombie invasion
Doctor Who ; Sarah Jane and Ace (aka Dorothy McShane)+/- Jo Grant and Tegan (and anyone else you'd like to include) ; ex-companions club
Doctor Who ; Tenth Doctor ; trees, scarf, home
Doctor Who ; Tenth Doctor/River Song ; shipwreck
Doctor Who ; Turlough + any character from 2005 ; shower curtains
Doctor Who ; Seventh Doctor ; broken

Doctor Who/Firefly ; Serenity crew, Donna ; small somethings
Doctor Who/Torchwood ; Face of Boe ; After death
Doctor Who/Torchwood ; Donna, anyone but the Doctor ; small packages
Doctor Who/Torchwood ; Any and all dead characters ; afterlife

Dr. Horrible ; Bad Horse Chorus and the Groupies ; war
Dr. Horrible ; Billy and Captain Hammer ; therapy
Dr. Horrible ; Billy/Captain Hammer ; epiphanies
Dr. Horrible ; Billy/Penny, Horrible/Hammer ; open eyes
Dr. Horrible ; Captain Hammer ; alter ego
Dr. Horrible ; Captain Hammer/Dr. Horrible ; biohazard, chemical bond, webcam, same difference, sides
Dr. Horrible ; Dead Bowie and Dr. Horrible ; Spiders from Mars
Dr. Horrible ; Dr Horrible/Moist ; slipping
Dr. Horrible ; Dr Horrible/Penny ; Dirty Laundary
Dr. Horrible ; Dr. Horrible ; ABD ("All But Dissertation") in Horribleness
Dr. Horrible ; Fury Leika/Fake Thomas Jefferson ; glowing mushrooms
Dr. Horrible ; Moist ; promotion
Dr. Horrible ; the Sing-Along Blog's audience ; fanfic

Dr. Horrible/Doctor Who(/Torchwood) ; Billy/Jack ; hobbies
Dr. Horrible/Stargate: Atlantis ; Horrible/McKay ; geniuses (at work)

Due South ; RayK ; figure skating
Due South ; Fraser and Maggie ; journals
Due South ; Dief and RayK ; body heat
Due South ; Fraser/RayK ; hot springs
Due South ; RayV ; physical
Due South ; Stella and Fraser ; paradise
Due South ; Turnbull ; cookie
Due South ; RayK ; fly
Due South ; Fraser/RayK ; flower, green
Due South ; Fraser/RayK/RayV ; lotion
Due South ; Dief ; donut
Due South ; Benton Fraser/Ray Vecchio ; Italian

ER ; Gates/Neela ; family

Eureka ; Nathan Stark, Henry Deacon ; best man

Eyeshield 21 ; Yoichi Hiruma/Mamori Anezaki ; surprise!
Eyeshield 21 ; Hiruma/Mamori ; catch

Farscape ; D'Argo Sun-Crichton ; bedtime stories, adventure
Farscape ; Chiana/Stark (but I'll settle for Chiana, Stark) ; a dragon
Farscape ; John/Aeryn ; time travel

Farscape/Torchwood ; Moya/Jack ; remember

Final Fantasy IX ; Vivi ; bounce
Final Fantasy VII ; Barret ; romance
Final Fantasy VIII ; Seifer ; forms of entertainment not involving drugs or violence
Final Fantasy X ; Rikku ; mirrors

Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance/Radiant Dawn ; Ike/Soren ; jealousy/"Soren, you sound like a jealous girlfriend."
Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn ; Ike/Soren ; peregrination
Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn ; Pelleas/Micaiah ; sympathy/empathy

Firefly ; Mal/Zoe ; aftermath
Firefly ; Jayne and River ; work
Firefly ; Mal/Inara, pre-Serenity ; secret smiles
Firefly ; River ; fairy tales
Firefly ; Kaylee/Simon ; picnic
Firefly ; Kaylee ; hair
Firefly ; Mal ; shoes
Firefly ; Mal/Inara ; giggles
Firefly ; Wash/Zoe ; first date
Firefly ; Jayne/Simon ; nowhere
Firefly ; Mal/Simon ; clothesline
Firefly ; River ; scarlet ribbons

Firefly/Doctor Who ; Jayne and Ace ; hat
Firefly/Doctor Who/Torchwood ; Mal and Jack ; coat
Firefly/Highlander ; Mal and Methos ; "Didn't I kill you last month?"

Flashpoint ; Ed ; barbeque
Flashpoint ; Ed/Greg ; team
Flashpoint ; Jules ; dress

Gokusen ; Shin and Yankumi ; games

Good Omens ; Crowley/Aziraphale ; king of the castle

Hancock ; John/Ray ; peacemakers

Hard Core Logo ; Billy/Joe ; warm

Havemercy ; Rook&Thom ; world weary travelers
Havemercy ; Ghislain&Luvander ; big damn heroes (post-book maybe?)
Havemercy ; Thom/Balfour ; scars of the past on our souls
Havemercy ; Royston&Adamo ; leave the frivolities on the table

Highlander ; Methos ; forever

Highlander/Doctor Who ; Methos and Nine ; beer
Highlander/Psych ; Methos, Shawn ; impossible

House, MD ; House and Wilson ; card tricks, tombstone, tease, games
House, MD ; House/Wilson ; serendipity, lipgloss, Monday, tiny, clocks, soulmates, Steve McQueen, orange, tux, kindred spirits, plaster, shirtsleeve
House, MD ; House/Chase ; movies
House, MD ; Cuddy ; peace, paper
House, MD ; House ; score
House, MD ; Wilson ; wind

House, MD/Torchwood ; House and Jack ; dead again?

How I Met Your Mother ; Ted/Barney ; oh right, goldfish, shiny, books
How I Met Your Mother ; Ted/Marshall ; swords
How I Met Your Mother ; Barney, Ted, and Marshall ; boy's night out
How I Met Your Mother ; Lily/Marshall ; marriage
How I Met Your Mother ; Lily and Robin ; girl's night out
How I Met Your Mother ; Lily ; holiday
How I Met your Mother ; ensemble ; zombies
How I Met Your Mother ; Barney/Robin ; if there's such a thing as love I've caught it, the first five times, Scotch
How I Met Your Mother ; cast ensemble ; drinking contest

In Plain Sight/Burn Notice ; Mary/Fiona ; listening

Invisible Man ; Darien and Keeper ; donuts

Iron Man/Spider-Man ; Tony Stark/Peter Parker ; savior

Jeeves & Wooster ; Jeeves and Wooster ; night cap

Kingdom Hearts ; destiny trio (post-KHII) ; carry the weight of me in your heart
Kingdom Hearts ; Seifer/Hayner ; beating around the bush

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang ; Harry/Perry ; touch, win

Kitchen Confidential ; Jack/Steven ; walk-in, Kinsey wouldn't last a day in this kitchen

Law & Order SVU ; Finn, Munch ; sunglasses

Life ; Charlie and Ted ; phone bill

Life on Mars ; Sam ; we've been had
Life on Mars ; Ray/Chris ; blue

Live Free or Die Hard ; John/Matt ; home

Lois McMaster Bujold's Vorkosiganverse ; Byerly Vorrutyer/Ivan Vorpatril ; scheme

Mad Men ; Betty/Joan ; Sing Along With Mitch

Mighty Avengers ; Tony Stark/Carol Danvers ; Flight

Muffin Rangers ; villains ; the evil league of evil is in the basement so beware
Muffin Rangers ; HQ crew {villains&rangers} ; "this couch ain't big enough for the six of us"

NCIS ; Abby ; temporary tattoo
NCIS ; Abby/Tony ; kiss
NCIS ; Ducky and Jimmy ; story
NCIS ; Gibbs ; present, horse, the ocean
NCIS ; Gibbs/Tony ; puppy, elevator
NCIS ; McGee ; cuddle, gondola, rumpled
NCIS ; Probie and Abby ; New Years Eve
NCIS ; team ; "oops", tattoo
NCIS ; Tony ; present
NCIS ; Tony/Maddie Tyler ; dinner with Gibbs
NCIS ; Ziva ; kitten

NCIS/Torchwood ; Ducky and Jack ; dead again?

New Avengers ; Tony Stark/Steve Rogers ; Candy
New Avengers ; Tony Stark/Peter Parker ; Kisses

Northern Exposure ; Chris ; Glenn Miller

Numb3rs ; Don/Colby ; apartment, never saw it coming
Numb3rs ; Larry Fleinhardt and Charlie Eppes ; silence
Numb3rs ; Charlie/Terry ; once

Pamela Dean's Secret Country-trilogy ; Fence, Randolph ; women, wine and song

Pirates of the Caribbean ; Jack/Norrington ; sail
Pirates of the Caribbean ; Sparrow/Norrington ; zombies

Potterverse ; Ron ; family
Potterverse ; Harry, Luna ; abstract art/surrealism
Potterverse ; Professor McGonagall, Professor Trelawney ; glass
Potterverse (Marauder-era) ; Sirius, Remus ; mischief
Potterverse (Marauder-era) ; Narcissa/James ; something forbidden

Psych ; Lassiter/Shawn ; card, time-out, horse/pony
Psych ; Shawn/Lassie ; ladies' choice
Psych ; Lassiter/Henry ; marriage
Psych ; Shawn/Gus ; new car, board game
Psych ; Shawn, any character ; pineapple trouble
Psych ; any character ; unicorns

Pushing Daisies ; Chuck and Olive ; flour
Pushing Daisies ; Ned and Chuck ; sunglasses

RENT ; Collins/Angel ; dancing

Robin Hood (BBC) ; Much/Robin ; fret
Robin Hood (BBC) ; Will/Djaq/Allan ; intangible
Robin Hood (BBC) ; Gang ; amateur
Robin Hood (BBC) ; Sheriff ; decorate

Runaways ; Chase Stein/Victor Mancha ; Swimming

Sandman ; Morpheus and Destruction ; wander

Sarah Jane Adventures ; Maria Jackson, Sarah Jane Smith ; fashion
Sarah Jane Adventures ; Clyde Langer ; voice changing
Sarah Jane Adventures ; Bea Nelson-Stanley ; memory
Sarah Jane Adventures ; Evil Nuns ; free of the Gorgon
Sarah Jane Adventures ; Mr. Smith ; defragging the hard drive

Skip Beat! ; Kyoko ; success

Slings & Arrows ; Oliver/Geoffrey ; touch

Smallville ; Clark ; underpants
Smallville ; Chloe ; heroes
Smallville ; Jimmy ; camera
Smallville ; Chloe/Oliver ; 2 a.m.
Smallville ; Chloe/Clark ; jacket

Smallville/Supernatural ; Lois/Dean ; mellow

Speed Racer ; Speed/Sparky ; milk

Star Wars ; Obi-Wan Kenobi (or as Ben Kenobi) ; mice

Stargate: Atlantis ; Chuck ; homecoming
Stargate: Atlantis ; Chuck/McKay ; irony
Stargate: Atlantis ; Chuck/Ronon ; true
Stargate: Atlantis ; Ford ; freedom
Stargate: Atlantis ; Jeannie ; shadow
Stargate: Atlantis ; Jennifer/Rodney ; chemistry, Ancient device
Stargate: Atlantis ; John ; water pressure
Stargate: Atlantis ; John/Atlantis ; lightning
Stargate: Atlantis ; John/Rodney ; chevron, rations, truce, again, whoops, bubbles, gingham
Stargate: Atlantis ; Lorne ; precognition, army postal service, winter
Stargate: Atlantis ; Lorne/McKay ; play, laser, morning
Stargate: Atlantis ; Lorne/Zelenka ; pay-off
Stargate: Atlantis ; Radek ; Prague, pigeon
Stargate: Atlantis ; Rodney ; caffeine withdrawal, speechless, iPod, cat
Stargate: Atlantis ; Rodney, Carson ; home
Stargate: Atlantis ; Rodney, John ; pizza
Stargate: Atlantis ; Rodney, Radek ; plotting
Stargate: Atlantis ; Rodney, Ronon ; sparring
Stargate: Atlantis ; Rodney/Radek ; inspiration
Stargate: Atlantis ; Ronon ; arts and crafts
Stargate: Atlantis ; Ronon and Elizabeth ; paper
Stargate: Atlantis ; Sheppard ; interior decorating
Stargate: Atlantis ; team ; playing Risk in the mess hall, stuffed animals, hidden skills, cooking
Stargate: Atlantis ; Teyla/Radek ; culture
Stargate: Atlantis ; Woolsey ; music
Stargate: Atlantis ; Woolsey, John ; tasks
Stargate: Atlantis ; Zelenka, Woolsey ; boom

Stargate: Atlantis/Stargate: SG-1 ; Rodney, Jack ; during 'Rising'
Stargate: Atlantis/Stargate: SG-1 ; Chuck and Walter ; 42
Stargate: Atlantis/Stargate: SG-1 (or any other fandom) ; any Pilot/Pilot ; clear blue skies
Stargate: Atlantis/Torchwood ; Lorne/Ianto ; here we are

Stargate: SG-1 ; Daniel ; zombies
Stargate: SG-1 ; Sam and Jacob ; birthday
Stargate: SG-1 ; Jack/Daniel ; library
Stargate: SG-1 ; Teal'c/Cam ; sparring
Stargate: SG-1 ; Team (Season 9 & 10) ; urban legends
Stargate: SG-1 ; Mitchell/Vala ; unprovoked
Stargate: SG-1 ; Teal'c ; scientists
Stargate: SG-1 ; Mitchell ; flyboy
Stargate: SG-1 ; Major Davis ; elevators
Stargate: SG-1 ; Vala/Daniel(correction: AU nerdy pre-Gate Daniel) ; Egypt
Stargate: SG-1 ; SG1 Team (the original) ; Time travel

Stargate: SG-1 / Farscape ; Cam and John (or Cam/John) ; frelled up
Stargate: SG-1 / Farscape ; Cam, John, Vala, Aeryn, any combination thereof ; stupid Earth phrases
Stargate: SG-1/ Farscape ; Vala and Aeryn (or Vala/Aeryn) ; combat
Stargate: SG-1/Stargate: Atlantis ; O'Neill/McKay ; strange
Stargate: SG-1/Stargate: Atlantis ; Mitchell/Sheppard ; unexpected
Stargate: SG-1/Stargate: Atlantis ; Vala/Sheppard ; luxury

Steven Brust's Dragaera-universe ; Sethra Lavode/Aliera e'Kieron ; study

Supernatural ; Sam and Dean ; cooking out
Supernatural ; Dean ; the greatest prank (EVER!)
Supernatural ; Sam ; tourism

Tamora Pierce ; Lark/Rosethorn ; seeds you're sowing in the ground

Tanya Huff's Quarters-series ; Bannon/Benedikt ; daring

Temeraire ; Laurence, Tharkay, Granby (paired or otherwise) ; seasickness
Temeraire ; Laurence/Granby ; secret

Tenipuri (Prince of Tennis) ; Tezuka/Fuji ; postcards/pictures

Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles ; Sarah ; relief

The 4400 ; Shawn & or / Kyle ; prophecy fulfilled

The Big Bang Theory ; Wolowitz ; bikini
The Big Bang Theory ; Koothrappali ; karaoke
The Big Bang Theory ; Leonard/Penny ; first date

The Closer ; Daniels/Gabriel ; undercover lovers
The Closer ; Flynn/Provenza ; baseball
The Closer ; Tao, Tao's wife, and Sanchez ; dinner

The Dark Knight ; Bruce/Rachel; kiss, fluff, he saved her life, happy ending
The Dark Knight ; Bruce/Alfred/Lucius ; chat, parents
The Dark Knight ; Bruce/Alfred/Lucius ; chat, cars
The Dark Knight ; Bruce/James Gordon, ; party, discovery
The Dark Knight ; Bruce/OC M/F, ; romance, park

The Donald Strachey mysteries ; Donald Strachey, Timothy Callahan ; interrogation

The Dresden Files ; Harry, Thomas, Murphy and Kincaid ; "praise the Lord and pass the eggnog"
The Dresden Files ; Harry/Thomas ; boat
The Dresden Files ; Harry/Kincaid ; Summer
The Dresden Files ; Bob ; limits

The Dresden Files/Torchwood ; Harry and Ianto ; hockey stick

The Office ; Oscar, Toby, and Pam ; odd friendship

The Profesionals ; Doyle, Bodie ; formal wear

The Sarah Jane Adventures ; Sarah Jane, Maria, Alan ; wishing well

The Wallflower ; Sunako, Noi ; girl's night

The West Wing ; Donna & Josh ; skiing
The West Wing ; C.J. & Toby ; beer

Threshold ; Nigel Fenway ; fear
Threshold ; Ramsey ; challenge

Tin Man ; Cain/Glitch or Ambrose ; laughter
Tin Man ; Azkadellia and DG ; summer

Tin Man/Psych ; Shawn, Glitch ; Pineapples versus apples

Torchwood ; Andy ; barrel of monkeys
Torchwood ; Gwen ; Little Red Riding Hood, pterodactyl
Torchwood ; Gwen, Ianto ; horses
Torchwood ; Ianto ; rocking horse, music
Torchwood ; Ianto and Owen ; sibling, weevil
Torchwood ; Jack ; kite, tapdance, female love interest outside Torchwood, mirrors, the waltz
Torchwood ; Jack, Owen, Weevils ; party
Torchwood ; Jack/Ianto ; calligraphy, souvenirs, love letters
Torchwood ; Jack/John ; stories
Torchwood ; Martha ; new doctor
Torchwood ; Myfanwy ; rain
Torchwood ; Owen ; marbles, cat, refridgerator
Torchwood ; Owen/Tosh ; hate, quiet
Torchwood ; Rhys ; wooden blocks
Torchwood ; Suzie ; barrettes
Torchwood ; team ; ice cream, clouds, showtunes, pub crawl, mine, team building exercises
Torchwood ; Tosh ; lost, driving, string
Torchwood ; Tosh/Mary ; parallels

Torchwood/Doctor Who ; Ianto, Doctor (any incarnation) ; routine

Tropic Thunder ; Kirk/Kevin ; award

Ultimate Fantastic Four ; Reed Richards/Sue Storm ; Rainbow
Ultimate Marvel ; Bobby Drake/Peter Parker ; Snow
Ultimate Marvel ; Johnny Storm/Peter Parker ; Friends
Ultimate Spider-Man ; Peter Parker/Gwen Stacy ; Window
Ultimate Spider-Man ; Peter Parker/Mary Jane ; First Date

Wilby Wonderful ; Dan/Duck ; tile

X-Files ; Scully and Skinner ; curtains

X-Men ; Magneto, Nightcrawler, Emma Frost ; dancing

Young Avengers ; Billy Kaplan/Teddy Altman ; Stars

Go! Get writing! Be happy!

The mod would like to take this opportunity to thank her friends-list, who provide constant enthusiasm, encouragement, and paper bags to breathe into when she realises just how much she's taken on.
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  • This is your 48 hour warning, folks. 48 hours.

    Things are fairly quiet over here in Happy Land, but there's lots of happy in those comments, so drop in for a read if you haven't yet. Because I'm…

  • Happy Weekend, everybody

    How's everyone doing? Staying happy? We've got some great stories so far, 21 of them in 14 fandoms, and some lovely pieces of art. Keep checking in…

  • Have at you! Welcome to Happyfest 2010!

    HAPPYFEST IV Yup, this is it, folks, the complete list of prompts for this year's Happyfest. The main difference this year is that we're open…