This is your 48 hour warning, folks. 48 hours.

Things are fairly quiet over here in Happy Land, but there's lots of happy in those comments, so drop in for a read if you haven't yet.

Because I'm leaving on a jet plane (oh yes) on Monday at oh-good-grief a.m., this year's bringthehappy fest will officially close at 6pm (GMT) Sunday

You've been awesome folks, and remember that you're welcome to write from bringthehappy prompts throughout the year - inspiration doesn't stop just because the fest is over! If you do, let me know and I'll add you to the Masterlist as an honourable mention. We're all about maximum happiness, as I think you may have figured out.

So that's all for now. Have a happy weekend!

Happy Weekend, everybody

How's everyone doing? Staying happy? We've got some great stories so far, 21 of them in 14 fandoms, and some lovely pieces of art. Keep checking in to catch all the latest stories, and thanks to everyone who's commented too. Spreading the happy is all good.

There's still a lot of prompts left to claim, so do have a browse through and see if anything catches your eye. Mods shouldn't have favourites (of course) but I'd love to see the Charley Pollard ones get some attention, or possibly the White Collar ones for June or maybe the Torchwood/Clangers one, or maybe the NCIS one with Tony and the stuffed animal.

Er. Don't mind me, I'm just off to do some browsing...

Keep up the happy, folks!


Have at you! Welcome to Happyfest 2010!


Yup, this is it, folks, the complete list of prompts for this year's Happyfest. The main difference this year is that we're open for art works as well as fic. Otherwise, the rules remain the same, the first of which is:


(there are notes about spoilers that I NEED you to read)

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Q: I'm still confused. Can I ask you another question?
A: Sure. Just put it in comments here, or send me a PM. Please don't put it on this post, as I'll probably turn notifications off to save my poor imploding inbox. I will drop in occasionally to check everything is running okay, and off-topic comments will be removed. Play nicely, folks :D


Since I'm not familiar with all the fandoms, shockingly, I may have screwed up names here and there. If there are major problems, please PM me and I'll sort it out.

Otherwise, away we go!

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Prompts closed!

As the observant among you will have noticed, I totally failed to close prompts on Friday, due to unexpected internet absence. Sometimes you just can't get to a computer when you need to. Anyway, because this was my error, all prompts left after Friday will still count, don't worry!

I'll be spending the rest of the day compiling the BIG GIANT LIST, so to keep you amused in the meantime, do peruse the banners below, and grab one ready for when the posting post opens. I've left the images HUGE so you can resize them as suits you. Also, my photobucket account only has so much bandwidth, so please to be downloading and hosting these yourselves.

Thank you kindly for your patience, and the happy!fest will begin as soon as I've finished wrestling with Excel!

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Open for Prompts!

I'm going to start promoting this around comms tomorrow, since today has gone all pear-shaped. This gives folks another day to send me any banners for people to use in their comms - the more the happier!

In the meantime, if you want to put a banner in your journal tonight, there are 2 under the cut, kindly contributed by donutsweeper. Please download rather than hotlink, as I'm not sure my account can take the strain. You can click through for larger versions. Thank you kindly.

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Right, with no further ado:

Happyfest IV

Open for prompts

Please assume that some prompts will be spoilerific for shows currently airing and shield your screen accordingly! If you really don't want to risk seeing anything, feel free to PM me your prompts instead.


1. ALL stories must have happy endings.
It doesn't have to involve puppies and kittens, but you should leave people smiling rather than sobbing.

1a. ALL art must have a happy feel
This is harder to define, as it's the first year we've opened up to art, but I trust you guys to create things that'll make people smile.

2. ALL genres are welcome.
If you want to write happy-ending angst, that's fine. Fluff and crack are also welcome, as are action, whump, character studies, romances… you get the idea. RPF is also welcome, but please be sure and label it accordingly in both prompts and fics.

3. ALL fandoms are welcome.
I'm going to get out there and advertise it as much as I can, of which more tomorrow.

4. ALL ratings are welcome.
We will be taking everything from the gentlest Gen to NC-17.

5. The Fest has 2 parts, the Prompt stage and the Posting stage.
Please read and follow the instructions in each case or the mod will look over her librarian glasses and tut at you, and no one wants that.

Instructions for Prompts:

1. Prompts open today, Monday 9th August and close Friday 13th August

2. Comment to this post with a fandom, a character/characters/a team, and a prompt word. Please separate elements with a semi-colon.

Doctor Who; River Song; hat
SPN; Castiel; Road block
White Collar; Peter/Elizabeth; tiger
Torchwood; John Hart; calendar
NCIS; Gibbs and Tony; flower

Formatting it this way will save me all kinds of headaches, and my brain thanks you for your consideration.

3. You can leave up to ten prompts. Because there are usually lots of prompts for me to get through, if you leave more than this, I will only copy and paste your first ten. Choose wisely! Please remember that if no one from your fandom knows about the fest, you're not going to get your prompt written. Spread the word!

4. Because someone's bound to ask, yes, you will be allowed to write your own prompt.

5. Sit back and wait or glance through other people's prompts and start thinking about what you'd like to write.

Instructions for Happy!works will follow on Monday, once I've had a chance to compile the list of prompts. But the aim will be to produce as much as possible, as happy as possible.

Please mention this fest anywhere and everywhere – the more, the happier!

Getting our act together

Huge thanks to everyone who dropped in last week ♥ I'm officially declaring there to be enough interest for us to have another Happyfest this year.


~ The prompt post will open on Monday, 9th August and close on Friday, 13th August.

~ Stories can be posted in comments from Monday, 16th August and the fest will run for 2 weeks, closing on Sunday, 29th August.

~ As usual, I'll be limiting folks to 10 prompts and will need everyone to follow the formatting guidelines, but there'll be more about that on the prompt post.

~ This year, you can also use the prompts to create happy art, so you don't have to be a writer to join in.

~ If you'd like to make a banner/icon/header image/anything pretty for the comm, please do so! I'm happy to host images, so feel free to just email attachments to me on jadesfire2808[at] or send me a link and I'll DL them. Generally happy art would be extremely welcome, since we cover so many fandoms, but if you want to make one just for your fandom, that'd be great too.

~ Promotion! The previous success of the fest has entirely been down to you guys spreading the word. When the prompt post goes up, please do post to your LJ about it, grab a banner and generally let everyone know! If anyone could stick a banner in a fandom-specific comm, please let me know which one! There's a list below of all the main 'noticeboards' that I know about, but I have a limited fannish range and help is always appreciated.

Thank you, all! And watch this space :)

Fannish noticeboards I know about, many pulled from the Newbie Guides. Please let me know of any more, or if these are out of date! Also, the really huge fandoms - Harry Potter, Star Trek et al aren't here because I don't even know where to begin with them...

c_s_i (possibly)

Any more for any more?

Hello, Livejournal! Can you hear me?

I'm going to assume that you can and just carry on. Wave at the back if you can't!

In case no one's tried it yet, I highly recommend reading back through past happyfests when you need a dose of happy. There's some lovely fic there by some great writers. And now, to aid you in your quest for happiness, our masterposts are complete. Huge thanks to StudyOfRunning who put 2008's together for me.

You may have already seen them below, but if not, the links are 2008 and 2009, or you can find them in the sidebar.

This is also a test post to see if anyone is up for more happy this year? The tentative dates would be prompting running from 3rd-6th August (yes, that's next week!), and ficcing running from 9th August to whenever we're done, but no later than 29th August. ETA Or possibly a week later so that Torchwood Big Bang Participants aren't overwhelmed. Any other fest deadlines I should know about?

Any takers? Any banner makers? Any newsletter editors who can save me trying to dig out all my links?

*peers into ether*

Well, everything seems to have gone quiet around here, so I think we're coming to the end of the happyfest. Because I don't like to spring these things on people, I'm giving you 48 hours notice before I declare the fest officially over. By my watch, that means we'll finish at 11.15 BST Monday 17th August, so if anyone's got one last story that they have to write, better get it in quick!

I have an ambition to actually compile the master lists for this year and last year, but given my general state of headless-chicken-ness, I'm not advising anyone to hold their breath. If there is someone with a few spare hours for link-clicking and list-compiling, please get in touch :)

Otherwise, this is your 48 hour warning, folks. 48 hours to go!